It all began in a tiny kitchen on the south side of Chicago. I worked through my small kitchen window serving my neighbors various dishes and meals. I got such rave reviews and encouragement about my cooking, I started thinking a career in the culinary field could really be possible. I spent months perfecting my recipes. I enrolled in Washburn Culinary Arts to better hone my skills. Through trial and error a sauce was born. I hadn't a name for it yet but I knew I had something special. One faithful day I chanced a taste test with a young man who would become my biggest supporter. After I saw his eyes light up everything went into high gear. Three years later not only was I making a living in the culinary field but I also had a finished product to share with the world. Big Mama's Gourmet Jerk Sauce was now making her debut. I want to thank you all for being apart of my every growing story.Stay tune for more exciting news from Big Mama's Kitchen & Catering.

Chef Eggleston

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